Music Events 

Posters for the event series Deep Circle at Archiv Potsdam in 2016. 


The minimalist poster series reaveals main issues of some countries by slightly modifying the typefaces of their names.

Poster for Peace

Poster for the 7th international student poster competition Design for Peace, Skopje 2014.

2023 posters
1109 participants
44 countries

The poster Say Peeeace! awarded one of five honorary mentions.

New Impossibilities

Graphic design competition arranged by the Max Ernst Museum Brühl des LVR.

In April 2016 the Museum hosted a special exhibition with more then 110 graphical masterpieces by M.C Escher. Simultaneously students have been invited to take part in a graphic design contest.

The poster, showing two interleaving cubes, was one of five winning posters. All five have been displayed at the exhibition.

Identity in Crisis

Two posters for the 9th international student poster competition Skopjeposter December 2016.


Today more and more questions regarding the identity cause emotions of frustration, threat. Unfortunately, this term is being related to political events and as such it is simplified into an issue of ethnical identity grounds. Is the faster growth of the technology, the artificial intelligence, movies with mutants are improving identification rights or will create confusion?!
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