Film titles

Logo library and animation for Fremdstoff
a female writers collective.
Every logo refers to a different genre the collective is attending to – just like a movie title.


Robin Redesign

Schønlein Media is specialized in online communication and podcast productions for brands and influencers. The team asked me to redesign their logo by transforming the significant robin into a bird with modern and simple style.

old logo

new logo

120 BPM 

In 2014 two friends of ours came up with the idea to arrange a music event including tech house, minimal and deep house. I created a logo and some flyers and posters for their series of events.


Concept: Fabian Bartelt and Amadeus Ewald Fronk
Design: Amadeus Ewald Fronk


Logo and car paint design for the tiler Marco Wichmann. The logo is combining his initials in a mosaic. 

 Logo Redesign

Logo redesign for the 10th anniversary of the music festival "Lange Nacht der Musik" in Friedrichshafen.

old logo

new logo

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